Nicot 新所沢保育園
  • 所在地:関東(東京外)
  • 延床面積:440.21㎡
  • 保育園・福祉施設
  • 2013年



Wooden nursery school in harmony with cherry blossom trees

The projected title was Hexagonal nursery school.
It was built in Saitama in 2013. It was designed from May 2012 to August 2012(short period), constructed from November 2012 to March 2013.
The land size was 622.95 square meters.

The site of this building is located in a suburban residential area beside a train track. there are two splendid cherry blossom trees on the site. When I visited the site for the first time, I saw the cherry blossom trees and created an image of the building.
The clients requested a building like an art museum. This is because she thinks that a building where adults think is good is also good for children.
I made the structure of this building wooden in order to design a building in harmony with these cherry trees and to make it a safe building for children. The plan of this building is made up of hexagons so children can move around the rooms and be safe.

"By expressing the plan of the hexagon, as it is in the design of the exterior as it is, the building is segmented, the design without an oppressive feeling, and the harmony with the cherry trees could be achieved."

After the building is completed, I was invited to the opening ceremony and introduced to the children as the designer by the director. At that time, I got praise from the children and their parents about this building.
This project proved to me the possibility of wooden construction. I will continue to design wooden buildings and aim for the revival of Japanese forestry.