• 所在地:関東(東京外)
  • 延床面積:677.43㎡
  • 保育園・福祉施設
  • 2019年




Gently enveloping a building for women

This plan was started at the request of a doctor who runs an OBGNY, obstetrics and gynecology, clinic in the suburbs of Tokyo.
The land was already secured next to her hospital. It is a plan for a complex with many facilities, such as a café and exercise gym that can be used by pregnant women and staff in hospitals, and a nursery school and pharmacy for staff and local residents.

First of all, I imagined a building that is soft and wraps users inside gently while having privacy and durability. This is because it is mainly a facility for women and a facility that cares for the body and mind. Also, I thought it would be better if the shape could be (were loved) loved by the local people, so I designed a building like a cocoon.

Because the site is in contact with two roads, the road diagonals were cleared with the wall inclined toward the upper floor. In addition, the pressure on passers-by is reduced. As for the structure, a simple RC wall structure was selected. By doing so, we realized a simple appearance like a cocoon and a space without a pillar like a tube. The slab was designed to use a void slab to achieve a long span and minimize the propagation of sound to the upper and lower floors. Void slabs are made of a hollow concrete floor that is lightweight and strong against vibration. In order to ensure privacy and sound insulation, the number of openings was reduced as much as possible, and the design was like a cocoon.

The client, staff and management staff of this building are all women. I felt strongly that women's social advancement was accelerating through this project. If that happens, changes in the values of the buildings will appear, and the buildings that will be completed in the future will change. I feel that the diversity of buildings is further advanced.