Shiroyama Green Wall
  • 所在地:東京
  • 延床面積:742.74㎡
  • 保育園・福祉施設
  • 2011年






Greened wall in harmony with the ambient environment.

The projected title was Shiroyama Green Wall.
It was built in Tokyo in 2011. It was designed from September 2009 to April 2010, constructed from March 2010 to February 2011. The land size was 373.24 square meters

The site of this building is located on a hillside with a great view. there used to be a castle here.
The clients liked flowers and trees and requested a design for their tax accountant office and their fellow nursery school.
I tried to design a complex building that considered the ambient environment based on the client’s requests and site location.I sloped an open side wall and greened wall ( or put living plants on the wall) in order to fit or harmonize with the ambient environment. The greened wall and openings are arranged in a staggered manner to realize a pleasant facade that weaves people and greenery, making it easy to maintain the plants on the wall. For the greened wall, 14 kinds of flowers and fruit plants that can be enjoyed by the children were selected. Plants can maintain a clean green year round with an automatic irrigation system.
The south side, where the office entrance is located, has a quiet expression in the image of the strata using handmade tiles. The east and north faces have walls with limited openings for nursery sounds and privacy. The internal space has a simple structure that clearly represents the building as well as the appearance. In particular, in order to make the west slope open, the dimensions and dimensions of the columns and beams were decided through discussions with the structural designer from the beginning of the plan.
Finally the clients and nursery school kids were very happy to see that greened wall, so this building has given green
and oxygen to many people around this community, area and neighborhood.
This project proved that one of the most important things for planning a building is harmony with the ambient environment.